These three fellas are from my childhood and I know they did their fair share of “Coffee Shoppe Gossip” in their day! . . . and I doubt very much that quilting entered any of their conversations!


The name “Sipiweske” is Cree, and local interpretation is “Light Through The Trees”. This was the original name of Wawanesa, MB. This wonderful scenic village is nestled into a horseshoe valley, surrounded on three sides by cliffs and the Souris River . On summer days when you drive into the valley, the light through the trees is almost blinding. There is a picture that captures this in our museum and is where I found my inspiration for my first quilt – “Sipiweske”.

Living on the Canadian Prairies all my life, I have been naturally influenced by my surroundings. Summer and Autumn are my favorite times of year – as you can probably tell from my quilts. I love the warmth of greens, yellows and browns, and I am always drawn to these when shopping for fabric. I imagine that my influences are due to Canada 's exceptionally long, cold winters and by filling my home with the colors of Summer and Autumn I can surround my family with the warmth we crave. (Lately though, I find there are becoming more and more Winter designs in my collection! )

Since I began quilting in 1980, the color and texture of quilts has always fascinated me. There is just something about a hand-quilted quilt that makes me have to reach out and touch it. The time put into the planning, shopping, preparation and sewing of a quilt is a task that is so rewarding. Once it is quilted, the bastings removed and the binding done, the feeling of ultimate accomplishment is yours. THEN you are ready to start the next quilt!!!

I love working with fabric and enjoy quilts that show movement and interest. The ease with which these patterns go together, using the smaller sized units and the fabric strips is a method of paper-piecing that will allow anyone to complete a beautiful project in record time.

It is my hope that my patterns can inspire all levels of quilters to create a special quilt for their homes, family or friends and attain that amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Happy Quilting


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